Curtis' Mission Videos

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vila Mariana

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jardim Camargo Novo

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Bus ride to Sao Jose dos Campos
Drinking Acai
Elder Biggs interview
Elder Borland saying goodbye
Elder Bradley saying goodbye
Elder Eastman going home
Elder Martins waiting for train
Elder Mecham saying goodbye
Elder Neumann goodbye
Elder Ribeiro & office tour
Elder Stephens & mission office tour
Elder Tonks riding in city
Elder Tonks with Radial Grill bill 61 real
Elders Costa, Tonks in the mission office
Elders Domeredsky, Borland phone call
Elders Martins, Tonks at Veridiana Pizzeria
Elders Martins, Tonks eating pizza
Elders Martins, Tonks walking to doctors office
Elders Martins, Tonks with pizza bill
Elders Tonks, Martins with talking sugar
Elders Tonks, Martins on bus and Mcdonalds
Elders Tonks, Stoddard at Radial Grill
Elders Tonks, Stoddard telephone call
Municipal theater & statue of Antonio Carlos Gomes
Playing war
Praca da Anhanghabau
Riding the metro
Sleeping on bus to Sao Jose dos Campos
Street performers
Streets of Sao Jose dos Campos
Taking the pagers back

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Friday, August 05, 2005

Bom Clima

Adrianne on some dude's computer
After Zone Conference Happiness
An Idea
Belem Metro
Birthday Package
Bom Clima Traffic
Cabucu Driving
Chamados a servir
Curtis singing Billie Jean
Dance the night away
Elder Borland - bowling king
Elder Borland turkey
Elder Borland wierd angle fall
Elder Costa breaking rules
Elder Costa finisher
Elder Costa first time bowling
Elder Detrick Ward dedication
Elder Eddington fall
Elder Eddington's last day
Elder Hudson fall good angle
Elder Hudson head spin
Elder Hudson playing guitar
Elder Hudson practice
Elder Hudson sailor jump
Elders Hudson and Tonks eating pop rocks
Elder Pieper's last day
Elder Tonks bowling
Elder Tonks room scan in Bom Clima
Elder Tonks sailor jump painful
Elders Tonks and Hudson climbing a tree
Elders Tonks and Hudson swinging from tree
Elders Tonks and Walker on Avenida Paulista
Elder Walker bus ride
Elder Walker fall
Elder Walker's transfer
Elders Borland and Tonks making caramel
Elders Domeredzky and Borland santa
Elders Tonks and Borland - 2 makes and 3 misses
Family night french toast
Give them the turkey
Grow capsule
How I wish you were here
I want it that way
It's gonna be me
Loop ball breaks
Loop ball
Lords of the floor part 1
Lords of the floor part 2
Marshmallow boredness (they're so soft)
Michelle's house conversation
Music Studio
New Years eve
Olga - Big Brother
Opening birthday presents
Our area map - Lenguicia
Paper airplane
Peach nectar and cream cheese
Rainy and in the house
Sao Paulo temple
Talkin' Portuguese
Toddy choc milk mix / Armies of Helaman
Waiting for mission doctor
White Fiat intersection

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Antonio playing Eruption on the guitar
Brasillica Aparecida
Curtis eating cake for breakfast
Curtis downtown on Sunday
Curtis draining the baptismal font
Curtis eating chicken hearts
Curtis eating raman noodles
Curtis eating snack pack pudding
Curtis making Tang
Curtis playing dannette streetball
Curtis playing the guitar bag
Curtis playing Jordan's tape
Curtis singing That 70s Show - mission version
Curtis throwing grenade at Elder Pieper
Curtis transferred from Cruzeiro
Elder Pieper showing baptism water
Elders Pieper and Napier leg wrestling
Elders Pieper and Riberio arm wrestling
Elders Pieper and Tonks at the ice cream store
Elders Pieper and Tonks at the Rio Paraiba
Elders Pieper and Tonks at the Veranda Grill - part 1
Elders Pieper and Tonks at the Veranda Grill - part 2
Elders Pieper and Tonks lost in Anna Rosa - part 1
Elders Pieper and Tonks lost in Anna Rosa - part 2
Elders Pieper and Tonks watching the train
Elders Tonks and Hicks on the bus
Elders Tonks, Napier, Pieper, and Alejandre
Elders Tonks and Pieper - Jardim Sao Jose horror
Elders Tonks and Pieper at the Veranda Grill - part 3
Elders Tonks and Pieper at the Veranda Grill - part 4
Elders Tonks and Pieper early morning mission olympics
Elders Tonks and Pieper on bus - so long Cruzeiro
Elders Tonks and Pieper talking to a cow
Elders Tonks and Pieper listening to Antonio play guitar
Elders Tonks and Pieper listening to Antonio playing own song
Elders Tonks, Pieper, and Nelson - cenilton on R6
Elders Tonks, Pieper, and Presidente Mario playing viola
Juice stand - part 1
Juice stand - part 2
Overlooking the city
Pillows and a blender
Raincoat and umbrella
Riding the bus
The Simpsons playing basketball in Canada
Tour of the house
Wall of fame and Curtis singing

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Center for Training Missionaries (CTM)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Mission Call